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Hello world!

As is with many of the very first programming language examples, mine starts with a Hello world! too. When I first started learning Programming with Pascal back at UDSM, I was excited to see how a Hello world program was written. The instructor, one of the most interesting and funny one I had, emphasized “…but I want (and then he paused for few seconds) to teach you Pascal!”

But since then I have never coded in Pascal again. It was just last week that I remembered Pascal and was going through an online tutorial on Pascal. I am not certain if it was the same tutorial I had been struggling with back in my days at UDSM, but it gave me fond memories of how I struggled with learning my first programming language.

Although most of the time, Hello world programs do not teach much of a programming language it is more like a simple circuit with a cell, connecting wires, and a bulb. It gives a light of hope to users of how a simple connection can generate an output: Hello world or the light in our circuit example.

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