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More Scala

I spent the whole Saturday (2010/01/23) on Scala. Even though I did not cover a lot of it, I feel like I learned much. The first half was spent in Downloading JDK and Scala on my new machine. I then also downloaded notepad++ which has a custom plugin for Scala syntax highlighting. For some reason I downloaded eclipse Galileo, too.

Soon after I finished downloading everything I needed, I discovered or rather came across http://www.simplyscala.com/. I somehow felt I wasted precious time downloading all this, but to my relief I was happy to have downloaded it afterwards. I was happy to use my downloaded version in the evening while waiting for the cake to be baked as the internet was not working for some weird reason. I was also glad to have checked out Beginning Scala by David Polka. I don’t claim this to be a great book, but it was the only Scala book that I could check out from the library.

I had spent most of my time on Saturday learning Scala on the simplyScala website. I am slowly getting into the functional mode of the Scala. David Polka mentions in his book that he regrets that he did not learn Lisp during his school years. I don’t want the same thing to happen to me and therefore I have decided to make Scala my first functional language.

I came across two (may be one) function which I have hard time understanding. It is a curried function by the name of foldLeft( ). I have seen it being used in many places, but have not understand what it does. I hope to write a post on the curried functions once I understand to what it does.

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