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Capture Scala Terminal Output

Often, when I am doing random coding on the scala terminal, I wish I could save it and be able to see to what I was doing later on. It would even help, if I made a discovery of doing something special and then be able to refer back to it. I could not find a way to do this in Windows command prompt (if anyone out there knows how to, I would highly appreciate that). If you have a Linux/Unix machine it is easier to do that. If you have Windows, like I do, install Cygwin. I often use the Cygwin bash over the Windows cmd (command prompt). Here is how I do it. I learned this from my introduction to programming language class.

  1. Before you type “scala” and hit Enter. Type this in your terminal (some refer to it as shell): script output_filename
  2. Thereafter begin your Scala terminal
  3. Do Scala programming until you are ready to quit
  4. Enter the “exit” command to exit the Scala terminal
  5. Enter “exit” one more time to exit your script
  6. cat output_filename to view your scala output 🙂
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