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Letter Frequency Counter Using LINQ

A year ago I was taking an Information Security class and we learned about how to decrypt messages that were encrypted using Substitution ciphers. The trick was to first know what language was it, the percentage frequency of letters in that language, and the frequency of the characters in the given message. As a homework assignment, we had to decrypt a message that was encrypted using a substitution cipher. Instead of looking up online, I jabbed my keyboard and wrote a Java program to count the frequency for me. Later, I came to realize sites dedicated just to do that. Apart from the above story, I was messing with the LINQPad 4 and trying to learn some LINQ. Here is how to count the frequency of characters in a string using LINQ:

var toks =
 from t in "The red green blue bird flew over the zoned-out programmer's 10 feet long desk."
 group t by char.ToLower(t) into g
 orderby g.Key
 select new { g.Key, Count = g.Count() };
 toks.Dump(); // note this a LINQPad syntax only

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