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Qualities of a Great Teacher

The night of July 13th 1991 marked an important event not only in my life but my four siblings. On that night, my grandmother came driving from a small village at 1a.m. to give news that my father had died. I was merely 7 years old. My father was the key bread winner in our extended family. His business efforts not only helped to educate 5 children in the house but also sustained the household needs of the entire family. The death of my father struck a permanent blow in the family. The next 13 years leading up to my college, the education of my four siblings and I was supported by a generous donation by the local community alone. Ever since, I made a promise: “I shall help others like me when I grow up.” My natural inclination has been one to always help the less fortunate in whatever ways I can. Since, education has been my greatest gift in life; I have found teaching as the most pure forms of giving. And to be given an opportunity to teach a less-fortunate segment of kids in the society even means a lot for me. There are few places in the world where one gets to be a hero every day – a hero who gets to live up to the value he believes in. Even to belong to such a cadre of corps is a blessing indeed.

I personally consider that the mark of a great teacher is his or her ability to at least enable others to be as capable as one is. If there is no transfer of knowledge, inspiration and passion then there are chances that the student shall never arise to one’s highest potential. Enabling others to discover their greatest gifts within and bringing those gifts out would be a true measure of my accomplishment. Many elders wish that when they went to school they would have been taught the importance of deciding on a direction in life that strongly vibrated with their being. The greatest people followed their heart’s calling with one single thread and drove out all hindrances with might. Such people are able to create a lasting difference in the world. Apart from knowledge, all teachers have the duty to cultivate values in the generation to come. A world without values is a world without hope. Another lasting accomplishment that I seek is to ornament my students with lifelong values.

We tend to remember people who have had most impact in our life. It is harder to remember the best singer but it is easier to remember a math teacher who taught us an important lesson in life. The best way to assess my success as a corps member is the extent to which I have been able to make an impact on others. When one has profound love for what one does there is no doubt one shall not leave a trail of footprints. The footprints reveal prominent marks of impact.

(This essay is from someone I know very closely and it was part of an application for a Teaching job. The author wants to remain anonymous.)

  1. February 3, 2011 at 8:47 am

    This is so brilliantly expressed and so ispiring to read. Thank you for sharing this and thank you to the anonomous writer for this superb reminder of what a wonderful profession teaching is.

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